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veronicainchairVeronica Vela began her studies of natural healing and metaphysics while learning to sail in the Gulf of Mexico in the late seventies. Having sensitive ears, it was difficult to dive, and learning how to dive was one of the skills she had intended to master. While living in the Gulf on a beautiful Island called Anna Maria, she discovered the vast library of several great natural healers and mystics. While sailing, she tested and proved their techniques and methods of natural healing to be worthy, allowing her to stay healthy during her travels. Veronica is a sensitive and drugs in general effect her adversely. Traveling in general seemed impossible due to her predisposition to the elements, foreign food and home comforts. To her amazement, she also began to experience what Robert Monroe called ‘Out of Body’ journeying.  This shift in her consciousness allowed her to explore new avenues in health, healing, and spirituality. The innovation required to create HealthEcology, (her personal trademark), came about when she returned from her travels in the Bermuda Triangle. Due to her mother's prompting, Veronica went to see an Aromatherapist from England, the incredible Emilee Stewart. Emilee had moved to the East Coast of America, having left socialized medicine behind. She based her practice on the concept of pure essential oils as the basis for cellular healing in the body plus healing via the olfactory for the mind and emotions. Much to Veronica’s delight, she was allowed to train with Ms. Stewart until she moved to Florida, where she now resides. In 1985 Veronica opened HealthEcology Family Therapy Center located in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she practices her school of the healing arts.  She has worked  with major motion picture producers and internationally renowned recording artists. 

About HealthEcology

Health and Ecology has always been a love of Veronica Vela. She received her Federal Registration in 1989 and HealthEcology became her trademark. What we do to our health effects the ecology of the planet and what we do to the planet, will affect our health. The goal is to fortify both, as the two are one. When we as a people realize the oneness, we realize others and their children, the planet and her children,  and that they all  deserve the attitude of gratitude. Each and every one is a thread in this great fabric called life. When we live in a conscious state of empowering the world we live in, people, plants, pets, animals, and the planet, we will elevate the state of every life, the state of love, as well as the state of innate spirituality. HealthEcology is about prevention, as well as offering techniques that when incorporated into your life or shared with others will improve the quality of mind, body, and emotions instantly. We have the ability to improve every area of our life with the touch of our finger tips or the very thoughts we think. The mind has the power to rebuild a broken body or break down a healthy one. Veronica studies health, what makes health, and how to improve it. The research is constant, as the world we live in continues to use heavy metals, toxic materials, and pollutants. The soil responds, then the animals, and when the toxins reach the people, it has already become life threatening to the planet. The research and development division of HealthEcology Family Therapy embraces people, pets, and the planet in our persistent innovation to find the natural remedies, products, ways, and means to secure healthy, natural, non-toxic methods and products.

About North Carolina School of the Healing Arts

Veronica began training individuals and families in 1985 with HealthEcology. The demand in the private practice became tremendous for natural healers; in response she created The North Carolina School of the Healing Arts, LLC. Our goal is to have at least one person in every home be a natural healer and record keeper. That one person keeps the knowledge and passes it along to the children in the family. Children innately want to help!  They love to learn simple, useful methods to heal themselves, their pets, and any adults willing to participate. Every couple should know how to de-stress each other before they marry. Each new parent must know how to comfort and empower their new infant.  All elders deserve the nurturing that family can give, and young adults have to understand the difference between healing touch and sexual touch. The need is great in our world to feel wanted, needed, and loved for who we are, as opposed to what we have or can give. Empower the people and the people will empower a healthy, wealthy, wise, and enlightened world.

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